Exhibitor Lead Retrieval
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ISLH 2018 Brussels, Belgium
XXXIst International Symposium on Technological Innovations
in Laboratory Hematology
May 10-12, 2018
Lead Retrieval
Leads2Cloud will allow all exhibitors to track each visitor to their booth. Scanning badge bar codes will instantly provide you complete contact information for that attendee. Leads2Cloud works on your own device (iPhone or Android) or you may lease a device.
Leads2Cloud was designed from the ground up to be the ideal lead retrieval application. Guided by input from event organizers and exhibitors, we created a streamlined application that provides the flexibility and features critical to lead retrieval and tracking.
Always Up-To-Date
Any updated or onsite registration data instantly pushes out to all devices in real time. This way all exhibitors will have the most up-to-date information. No internet available? No problem, data is pushed out to devices the next time they connect.
Notes, Toggles, & More
In addition to accessing attendee contact information, users may create up to 12 custom toggles to categorize each scanned attendee's interest in your product(s). There is also an open notes field to provide additional flexibility.
Use your device or ours. Leads2Cloud works on IOS and Android. Simply purchase an activation code for each device and download the application to get started.
Purchase Information
Option 1: Use your own device

Use the Click to Purchase link to purchase an activation code for each device that you wish to use.

$300 Activation code before April 3
$400 Activation code after April 3

The Leads2Cloud application can be downloaded from both the iTunes and Google Play App Stores.
Option 2: Lease a device

Use the Click to Purchase link for activation code purchases and device lease.

$500 Activation code & device before April 3
$600 Activation code & device after April 3

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